Ordering FAQ


Q. Are you guys a NZ company?
A. Yes, we are a small Auckland based team dedicated to ensuring NZ has access to emergency supplies at affordable prices.

Q. Do I need to sign-up to anything to make a purchase?
A. No, we use PayPal Express checkout. This is 100% secure and if you select to pay via credit or debit card you can purchase our product easily, without needing a PayPal account (though you can sign up during the payment process if you wish).
If you want to order using Internet banking please contact us directly.

Q. When will I receive my order?
A. We ship 3 times a week using New Zealand Couriers. Your order will typically arrive 2-4 days from purchase. All items are tracked and require signature (signature may not be avail with rural delivery). Please note we cannot ship to a PO Box.

Q. How do I track my order?
A. When your item has been shipped you will be emailed notification of this. In this email click 'view my order' and you will be taken to a page with information including a tracking number. Click this for tracking progress. Please note it may take a few hours to update once dispatched.

Q. Can I order for a friend or family member?
A. Yes of course, just put their details in the shipping address section.

Q. Can I pick-up my order from somewhere?
A. Unfortunately as this is a small business where our hours will vary we are unable to offer pick-ups at this point.

Q. Can I order from overseas?
A. At this stage we can only offer our product locally within New Zealand. We'd be happy to try and track down a similar service in your own country for you though. Just message us.

Q. Do you offer any product guarantee?
A. Yes. We are here for your benefit first and foremost. If you decide to return your purchase in full unused condition within 7 days, we will happily refund you (return shipping at your cost). We will also replace any product as per the Consumers Guarantee Act that doesn't reach you in acceptable condition. We do assemble the packs ourselves and check each item in the process so it's unlikely this will be the case.

Q. I have special dietary requirements, do you offer any alternative long life food options to the power bars?
A. Not at this point but we will certainly look into it if we receive enough requests. We will be more than happy to seek out somewhere you can purchase what you may require to add to your kit though - just flick us an email.

Q. Do you do bulk orders or corporate rates?
A. If you want to make a large order please contact us, we will be happy to quote you on this and advise a turnaround time (stock dependent).

Q. Do I need to add anything to my kit?
A. You can add whatever you like. Bear in mind you'll want to keep your pack light. We suggest some copies of essential documents and contact details of friends and family. If someone in the house has prescription medicines then consider this as well as things such as hearing aid batteries. We have kept our kits light in weight to reduce shipping and overall cost to you, so additional water should be added to the Family Pack where required. Larger families may choose to add a second first aid kit to their order. Your energy bars have a one year shelf life, so you may wish to replace these at some stage too.

Q. Are you affiliated with any local aid or response agency?
A. No, however we share the latest information and advice from many of these on our Facebook page. Please do follow us there.